The Mission of Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. is to provide quality, cost effective home health services to our patients and to assist them in achieving their highest level of function and independence in the comfort of their homes. Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. values each patient and their caregivers as integral members, with our healthcare team, in achieving our healthcare goals.

Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. is a State-Licensed, Medicare Certified Home Health Care Agency. We provide home health care in the patient’s place of residence.

The agency is dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive, individualized and consistent care according to the physician’s plan of care and covered by Medicare.

Our interdisciplinary team focuses their care on maximizing the patient’s functional abilities and improving the patient’s medical condition to the extent possible.

Skilled Nursing Care

Here at Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. our skilled Nurses are compassionate, organized, and skilled communicators. They have undergone extensive training in handling distressing or emergency situations. Our team of Nurses are expert medical professionals who bring the following services: * Comprehensive Assessment of General Health * Patient Education * Disease Management * Catheter Care and Change * IV therapy * Wound Care, Dressing * Medication Administration * Diabetic Care and Education * Vital Signs Monitoring * Injections and Infusion Therapy * Orthopedics * Pre-service needs assessment and evaluation

Home Health Aides

Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. provides well-trained Health Aides that watch and record patients’ condition by monitoring physical and mental condition, intake and output, and exercise. Aside from these, they also support patient by providing personal services such as shopping for household requirements, running errands, and preparing for meals. Our team does these services better: * Bedside Care and Attention * Companionship * Dedicated Attention and Health Support * Health Monitoring: Blood Pressure, Temperature, etc. * Linen Change * Patient Feeding * Personal Hygiene

Medical Social Work

When you face problems in life especially when concerned of physical and emotional problems, we will provide you with great help in coping it. Medical Social Workers from Royal A&V Home Health Care, Inc. Have various answers to your needs of counseling such as: * Individual Counseling * Family Counseling * Group Counseling * Hospital Discharge Assistance * Parenting Advice and Coaching * Grief Counseling * Substance Abuse Counseling

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists will provide you or your loved ones with essential rehabilitative care at home. We are certain that with proper support and guidance you can recover much faster and earlier. The Physical Therapy include but are not limited to: * Assessment and evaluation of health conditions * Restoring of Physical Mobility * Restoring of Sensory functions * Re-education of basic living Skills * Restoring Muscle Control * Restoring Balance

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists will assist you in recovering or maintaining your daily living and work skills. The skills of our OTs are well-sharpened so they can help you during your recovery following a recent surgery or an accident that caused your injury. Here are some of the areas that our OTs service may include: * Physical rehabilitation * Mental Health Services * Learning Disability * Primary Care * Environmental Adaptation * Care Management * Exercise Program * Pain Management * Mobility Equipment for Daily Living

Speech Therapy

Our team includes extensively experienced staffs that will handle your hearing deficiency, communication deficiency, and other speech-related disorders. With the help of our Speech Therapists one can be assured that after the treatment has been provided he can already communicate with others better. The goal is to enhance or restore the client’s communication skills as much as possible through treatment. Our services include but are not limited to: * Oral and Written Exercises * Hearing Rehabilitation * Eating and Swallowing Strategies * Speech Articulation Exercise * Patient Education

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